• Automatically works with
    Encrypted Suppression Lists

    If you have a plain text, MD5, or SHA-256 suppression list, Scrubbly will automatically detect the hashed records, convert your mailing list, and scrub both lists to give you a 100% accurate list of matches or non-matches in plain text -- whichever you chose.

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  • Lists are scrubbed
    on your local hard drive

    There's no need to upload your sensitive mailing list to a third party for server-side scrubbing. Scrubbly is an application that runs on your local hard drive so your mailing list is safe & secure.

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  • Incredibly easy to use
    and insanely fast!

    Browse for you mailing list and your suppression list on your local hard drive. Select where you want to save your list. Choose "matches" or "non-matches," and then click the scrub button. It's that easy.

    Scrubbly will scrub tens of millions of records in minutes!

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  • Scrubbly works on
    Windows and Mac OS X

    For years Scrubbly was a Windows-only list cleaning app. We're proud to announce that you can also run Scrubbly on Mac OS X! Scrubbly will scrub your lists insanely fast on both Windows and Mac OS X. Hip Hip Hooray!

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  • Download a trial
    and kick Scrubbly's tires for a couple days

    Download a fully functioning, no obligation trial of Scrubbly for 48 hours. If you love it, come back and buy it. No credit card required.

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    Detects hashed lists

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    Runs on your hard drive

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    Fast & easy to use

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    OS X or Windows

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The fastest & easiest desktop list scrubbing application

icon Very powerful features built right in

Scrubbly will enable you to quickly and easily scrub your multi-column mailing against an encrypted (or even non-encrypted / plain text) suppression list. It's the fastest, easiest and most sure-fire way to ensure that you're employing the industry's best practices in your email marketing efforts.

  • Automatically works with encrypted lists
  • Lists are scrubbed on your local hard drive
  • Incredibly easy to use and insanely fast!
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