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    If you had a plain text, MD5, or SHA-256 suppression list, Scrubbly would automatically detect the hashed records, convert your mailing list, and scrub both lists to give you a 100% accurate list of matches or non-matches in plain text -- whichever you chose.

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    Detects hashed lists

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    Runs on your hard drive

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    Fast & easy to use

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    OS X or Windows

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The fastest & easiest desktop list scrubbing application

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Scrubbly will enable you to quickly and easily scrub your multi-column mailing against an encrypted (or even non-encrypted / plain text) suppression list. It's the fastest, easiest and most sure-fire way to ensure that you're employing the industry's best practices in your email marketing efforts.

  • Automatically works with encrypted lists
  • Lists are scrubbed on your local hard drive
  • Incredibly easy to use and insanely fast!
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