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What makes Scrubbly so awesome?

  • Scrubbly was designed by me, Josh Janicek. Over the years I've had countless meetings with affiliates and mailers who've asked, "how do I decrypt this hashed suppression list?" After talking with the mailer and outlining the details of how to convert and compare their mailing list to a hashed suppression list, the process always just seemed too tedious. And many people simply don't want to upload their mailing list to a 3rd party server for list scrubbing. So I built Scrubbly – a simple PC and Mac desktop application that alleviates the headaches of working with hashed suppression lists (and regular, plain-text suppression lists).

    1) Browse for your mailing list


    2) Browse for your suppression list


    3) Where do you want your list saved?


    4) Select matches or non-matches

icon Scrubbly is insanely fast and easy to use

Watch the demo video to the right and see how I scrub 29 Million records in six minutes.

  • Browse for your mailing list
  • Choose your suppression list
  • Select where to save your list
  • Auto detects hashed lists
  • Get matches or non-matches
  • Simple to use design
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