Frequently Asked Questions

  • Scrubbly is compatible with modern varieties of Windows and Mac OS X. Windows requires the current .NET Framework installed on your computer. Also, make sure that you're running the application on your local hard drive (not on a shared/network drive).

No. Scrubbly will only perform an encryption pass on your mailing list. It will then compare the encrypted hashes in your mailing list against the encrypted hashes in the suppression list and return either matches or non-matches in plain-text. The address must already exist in your mailing list in order for Scrubbly to determine if a match or a non-match is present.

Scrubbly can only do an "apples to apples" comparison and scrub against email addresses or hashes. However, after many years of customers asking, I finally built Domain Scrubber. Domain Scrubber is built on the same powerful engine as Scrubbly, and can quickly scrub any domains and top-level domains that you specify. So, for example, if you don't want to email anyone with an or a .gov email address, you can quickly and easily scrub those domains with Domain Scrubber.

No. Scrubbly will only run on a local PC running Windows or OS X.

Your mailing list should be a well-formed CSV file with the email addresses in the first column. You can see a well-formed example here. And here is what your CSV file might look like if you open it with your text editor of choice.

It should be a single column text file containing hashes or lowercase email addresses.

Make sure your lists are well-formed. Try removing any erroneous data from your mailing list. For example, if you only need email addresses and first names for your email campaign, delete all of the other columns in your mailing list.

Go with commas. Always go with commas. Commas are awesome and under-appreciated.

Tens of millions of lines. We've used it for scrubbing files that have over 32 million records.

If you loaded REALLY LARGE files, Scrubbly will have to index its database. For Windows, make sure that the "data" file in the Scrubbly folder is incrementally growing in file size while the scrub is taking place. Relax. Go get a sandwich while your data is being scrubbed.

Your Scrubbly license is hardware-specific. If you bought a new computer or upgraded your old one, you're going to need a new License Key. If you haven't already, now would be a great time to upgrade to the latest version of Scrubbly. I use a 3rd party licensing solution, so please understand that every License Key costs me money. If you purchased Scrubbly and have since upgraded your computer, please contact me as I'm more than happy to provide a discount for a license of the new & improved Scrubbly for existing customers.

You purchased the wrong program. Scrubbly is an application used by email marketing professionals. Scrubbly WILL NOT scrub your contact list or address book. If you are wanting to scrub your address book contacts (Gmail, Outlook, etc.), you need to buy Scrubly (one "b"). I have no affiliation with Scrubly (one "b"). There is a wealth of clear, descriptive and conspicuous text and product demonstration images and videos throughout which demonstrate what Scrubbly is designed to do. Scrubbly is a product designed for email marketing professionals to scrub mailing lists against suppression lists. It will not scrub your address book or contact list.

If you inadvertently purchase my product, Scrubbly, and request a refund because you meant to purchase Scrubly, you will be charged a $10 fee. Issuing refunds takes time and costs me money. My Scrubbly has been integrated with a 3rd party licensing solution. When you inadvertently purchase my Scrubbly, a limited License Key is issued to you. I have to pay for each License Key that is delivered. That means I have to pay for your "oops."