icon Scrubbly Purchase Agreement

Scrubbly will not scrub your contact list or address book

  • Scrubbly is an application used by email marketing professionals. Scrubbly WILL NOT scrub your contact list or address book. If you are wanting to scrub your address book contacts (Gmail, Outlook, etc.), you need to buy Scrubly (one "b"). I have no affiliation with Scrubly (one "b").

    If you inadvertently purchase my product, Scrubbly, and request a refund because you meant to purchase Scrubly, or if you didn't download a trial before you bought to make sure Scrubbly is the software you intended to purchase, you will be charged a $10 fee. Issuing refunds takes time and costs me money. My Scrubbly has been integrated with a 3rd party licensing solution. When you inadvertently purchase my Scrubbly, a limited License Key is issued to you. I have to pay for each License Key that is delivered. That means I have to pay for your "oops."

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